316 SS Single Point Ultrasonic Liquid Level Switch LVSW-701-Switch. The LVSW-701 Series liquid level switch is a direct replacement for mechanical float-type devices. The switch employs proven ultrasonic technology and solid state electronics. View Full Specifications
  • DLP cable float level switch uses microswitch as contact output. When the upward line angle of the horizontal plane is more than 28, the steel ball inside the float level switch will sandwich and roll down to the microswitch or separate from the microswitch to output the on or off contact signal of the liquid level switch.
The NIVOFLOAT NL-100 type float ball level switch is suitable for level switching of various clean liquids such as potable water, rain water and contaminated water with few solids. The double-chambered float is made of injection moulded tough polypropylene that ensures good water-proof protection. The contacting microswitch is incorporated in ...
  • Level Switch Ace(LSA)is an accurate and reliable independent level alarm for cargo tanks aboard oil and product carriers. Over thousands of installations, LSA has proven durable against harsh tank environments, including sloshing, vibrations and tank cleaning on a range of vessel types and applications.
  • - Socket With Switches and Mechanical Interlock - Large current plug and socket - Low Voltage Socket - Low Voltage Plug - Low Voltage Connector - Industrial pIndustrial socket box; Weather Protected Switch - UKF1P - UKF2P - UKF3P - UKF4P; Float switch - Cable type floating ball switch, water level switch, liquid level switch, cable float switch Float Switch, Ball type Level Switch 115v for use with most popular sump pumps. Can be used with most other pumps for automatic level control. Available in 230v and cord lengths to 50FT. Molded piggy-back plug. Made in USA. Lots of various switch types.
  • SCIENTIFIC DEVICES is an ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015, CE Certified and DNV Type approved Company for Ships, High Speed & Light Craft engaged in Designing, Manufacturing and Supply of flow meters, electromagnetic flowmeter, data communication, panel mounted, turbine flowmeter, vortex flowmeter, flanged type, wafer type, hand hold ultrasonic, coriolis mass flowmeter, fuel flowmeter, oval gear ...
  • Designed for shock and vibration resistance, ProSense float level switches ensure long and trouble-free service. Powerful permanent magnets within the float actuate a highly reliable and repeatable hermetically sealed reed switch as the float rises and lowers with liquid level.
  • Material level controller. Cable type float level switch; Top mounting Displacer level switch; TCUK100 tuning fork level switch; TCUK50 tuning fork level switch; RF admittance level switch; Rod type float level switch; Single float level switch; Resistance rotary level switch. Pressure Instrument. Multi-Variable differential pressure flow ...
  • FLOAT level स्विच केसे काम करते हैं
  • Current Type. Brand. Condition. Price. ... 5 out of 5 stars (14) 14 product ratings - US Liquid Water Level Sensor Stainless Steel Double Ball Float Switch Tank Pool. $11.11. Free shipping. 409 sold. Water Level Sensor Liquid Float Switch Tank Pool Steel ... (13) 13 product ratings - 2 pcs TEMCo Liquid or Water Level Float Switch Sensor Sump ...
  • FLOAT. Float Type Level Switches. Single Point. GEMS Level Switches operate on a direct, simple principle. In most models, a float encircling a stationary stem is equipped with powerful, permanent magnets. As the float rises or lowers with liquid level, the magnetic field generated from within the float actuates a hermetically sealed,
  • A mechanical float switch will contain a ball bearing. As the fluid level changes, the ball will roll within the float switch. The ball will then push on the internal components of the float switch and cause the circuit to open or close. Float switches can also come in the wide angle or narrow angle varieties.
  • Mini Float Valve Replacement Float Balls: Use when float needs replacing or for better fit in tank. fits above mini valves only. FLTV-B152CY. Float Ball Cylinder 1 1/2" x 2" natural white. $3.29 . FLTV-B153CY. Float Ball Cyclinder 1 1/2" x 3" natural white. $2.36 . FLTV-B222C. Float Ball Cube 2"x2"x2", black. $2.25
  • Float Switch, Ball type Level Switch 115v for use with most popular sump pumps. Can be used with most other pumps for automatic level control. Available in 230v and cord lengths to 50FT. Molded piggy-back plug. Made in USA. Lots of various switch types.
  • Madison continuous float level sensors use dependable reed switch technology to provide precise, accurate and repeatable indication of liquid level height in a container. Because OEMs need sensors for tanks that vary in width and height, certain continuous float level sensors are offered with field-adjustable stem lengths.
  • Sold Out$3.99. This is a simple water level sensor with an on/off switch. It works like the float in your toilet, when the water level rises, the float rises and the switch closes. Use it to detect the presence of water or check that your toilet bowl has filled completely. M10x52 threads. Collections: Type: Fluid control.
  • The float ball type liquid-level gauge features compact construction, easy installation, trouble-free operation for several years. Suitable for a wide variety of liquid level measurement applications in the manufacturing industry FLOAT TYPE LEVEL SWITCH -SIDE INSERTED ONE ALARM POINT . 740A Model 740D MODEL 740A – 2 POINT ALARM . The Model 740A is used when the application requires more than a single alarm point provided by the Model 735. The 740A has a longer stroke and can provide two separate alarm points with up to 8” spacing between them.
  • A sump pump float switch acts as a level sensor to alert your pump to rising water levels in a sump pit. As the water level rises to a certain point, a pump's float switch will open a circuit which allows the pump to begin pumping water up and out of the basement. When the pit is dry and the float is resting in the pit, the circuit is closed ...

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      Chain or Float Gauge The visual means of level measurement previously discussed are rivaled in simplicity and dependability by float type measurement devices. Many forms of float type instruments are available, but each uses the principle of a buoyant element that floats on the surface of the liquid and changes position as the liquid level varies.Float type JF-25 Liquids Water Clean water JF-32 Oil Industrial liquid materials ... Level Switch . JRS-S. One detection ball. JRS-D. Two detection ball. Features ... *Electrode type level switches (21F-G) may be additionally installed to simultaneously control water supply/drainage.